Digitally track and monitor assets with peace of mind

Business Owner

Asset Managers

Equipment Owners


Concerned about your businesses asset tracking and monitoring?

FrustrateD by lost or stolen Incidents

Are your assets being stolen or misplaced without your knowledge?

Time wasted with Manual 


Are you tired of manually checking assets on a regular basis for complaince?

Aggravated by 


Is your equipment in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Non Existent Innovation?

Are you failing to digitally innovate and worried you will beaten by your competitors?

Life is too short for inefficient asset management

Eliminate guesswork. Protect your assets.

Local Monitoring

Monitor your fixed / indoor assets. Easily integrate onto existing assets and start monitoring immediately.

Everyware technology gives you greater clarity so you can solve problems.

Global Tracking

Anywhere your assets go in the world, Everyware intelligence goes too. Locate your assets in real-time.

Always know where your assets are and how they are being used.

Ecosystem Portal

Any and all assets on the Everyware Cloud. Real-time anomaly detection and decision making. No more manual checking.

Save money through increased efficiency. All from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

Tailor-made Solutions

When off-the-shelf isn’t exactly what you need. Everyware technology enables you to innovate rapidly and standout from the competition.

Delight your customers. Unlock new revenue streams. Everyware can guide you forward.

How does it work?


We value long term relationships and trusted partnerships.

We appreciate there is always complexity when implementing new technology, we will be with you every step of the way. 


Businesses large and small continue to trust our expertise.

We have been taking the pain out of new technology for collectively over thirty years.

Business Meeting



Before making any recommendations, we ensure we have a full understanding of your problem and critical assets. This phase is all about what you want to achieve and planning appropriate, cost effective solutions.



Your problem may be solved with one of our standard solutions. Alternatively, a combination of standard and bespoke components may be the answer.



We want you to be delighted with your solution and the services we provide. We will continue to work alongside you to meet any new requirements as they arise.



Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Steve, EBME Manager SWFT

Everyware listen they understand the brief and they’re willing to work closely with the customer above and beyond what you find from a commercial organisation. We very much look forward to seeing the benefits of the pilot and working closer with Everyware in the future.

Empty Factory

Tom, Product Manager Boplan

We have been working with Everyware for a while and we can only say we are very happy about their achievements. They have provided exactly what we have asked for and even suggested clever additions to the original deliverable.

Pharmacist  in aisle of Pharmacy

Louise, Lead Pharmacy Technician SWFT


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