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No-nonsense asset monitoring

Our Mission

Connect the physical and digital world to gain unprecedented insight into the workings of our assets and environment.

Our Vision

Everyware believes in harnessing the data that is all around us to help make the world a better place.

We want to make people’s lives better; a bit more time back, control over your data and privacy. We want to give you peace of mind so you can focus on the things important to you.

Our Story

Everyware has been developing and using technology to connect products and assets since 2015.

We use sensors to monitor all kinds of assets and equipment, big and small, in real-time.

We help businesses of any size to enhance their products with digital connected technology and provide new services and opportunities for their customers.

We believe in giving you control over your own data, with absolute trust and verification.

We partner with businesses and organisations as trusted advisers, helping to understand what is possible with new technologies, identifying problem areas, finding the right solutions.

Are your assets being stolen or misplaced without your knowledge?

Losing time manually checking assets on a regular basis?

Do you worry that your assets are being misused or under-utilised?

Are you in danger of not complying with legal regulations?

Do you have a surplus of assets wasting time and money?

Stuck with inflexible legacy technology not adapting to your needs?

Eliminate guesswork. Protect your assets.

Local Monitoring

Monitor your fixed / indoor assets. Easily integrate onto existing assets and start monitoring immediately.

Everyware technology gives you greater clarity so you can solve problems.

Global Tracking

Anywhere your assets go in the world, Everyware intelligence goes too. Locate your assets in real-time.

Always know where your assets are and how they are being used.


Any and all assets on the Everyware Cloud. Real-time anomaly detection and decision making. No more manual checking.

Save money through increased efficiency. All from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

Tailor-made Solutions

When off-the-shelf isn’t exactly what you need. Everyware technology enables you to innovate rapidly and standout from the competition.

Delight your customers. Unlock new revenue streams. Everyware can guide you forward.


We value long term relationships and trusted partnerships.

We appreciate there is always complexity when implementing new technology, we will be with you every step of the way. 


Businesses large and small continue to trust our expertise.

We have been taking the pain out of new technology for collectively over thirty years.

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